Thursday, 22 March 2012

And Spring!

The Cherry Blossom pushes forth her white flower
Ready to blush in the face of the sun.
The prism of Spring awakens to burst it’s colour
In streams across the landscape, singing songs of ‘New Life’.
Beauty has shed her cloak to dance in soft linen.
O’ that my eyes witness such things!

My worries and fears have not departed,
But their burden is lightened somehow.
My spirit is renewed, with the season of the gift.

My heart is no longer required to be my warmth
And turns to more needing things
As the Mother of the earth now glows in its place
Beaming fresh garb over her green body.
Praise! Praise!

God provides and yet the glory in my being will always fall short.
I am but flesh and bone, but I know what is beautiful.

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